Commencement Inspiration 1

Richard Costolo- Chief Executive of Twitter

"There's no script. When you're doing what you love to do, you become resilient, because that's the habit you create for yourself. You create a habit of taking chances on yourself and making bold choices in service to doing what you love."


One Life

One of the purposes of life coaching is to guide clients to examine their lives both from a short term and long term perspective. Many of us get caught in the day to day goals and lose sight what these day to day actions eventually add up to, our life.

Recently I’ve been asking clients to take the time to think about the big picture. I’d like to share with you the exercise I’ve given them and ask you to try it out.

I’d like you to write “One Life” on top of a piece of paper. This is a reminder of a simple truth, we only get one life and our job is to live the best possible version of that life. 

For the next 5-10 minutes I want you to write down thoughts/answers/ ideas that answer the following. If you really took to heart that you only have one life:

  • What areas of your life would you change? (work, health, environment, relationships, skills)
  • What goals would you want to achieve?
  • What places would you visit?
  • What would you say to your family and friends?
  • What legacy would you like to have?
  • What would you do once a day, once a week, once a month, once a year?

It’s a gift to slow down and take a look at the bigger picture. Give yourself that gift. 


In favor of change

Change is what I discuss, analyze, plan with many of my coaching clients.

Changing their jobs, their life focus, their job search, their pursuits.

The constant is that change is scary and it’s difficult.

It means letting go of the paradigm we know. A job we know how to do, a relationship that provides companionship but not joy, a fitness routine that keeps us moving but not engaged.

Change is really a choice. Either you hold on to the paradigm that you have and makes you feel safe or you try letting go, try something new and see what happens.

Change may lead to more life satisfaction, more moments of pleasure and self discovery.  And if letting go, trying something new doesn’t lead you somewhere interesting and different, you can always go back to the old paradigm.

 Yes, change takes work and a leap of faith but really what’s the downside? The old way of living life will be here a month from now if you really decide the new version isn’t for you.



Four Secrets to Reaching the Finish Line

In my last post I talked about being gentle with yourself and realizing that where ever you find yourself today that is your starting point for 2013.

Today I'd like to share with you the four secrets to reaching your finish line, or your goals for 2013.

1. Make it specific

Instead of saying I'm going to lose weight, say I'm going to lose 10lbs.

Instead of saying I'm going to eat better, say I'm going to eat one extra serving of veggie a day.

Instead of saying I'm going to learn a new skill, say I'm going to learn digital photography

2. Close to your heart

You're much more likely to reach your goal if it's close to your heart and it's something you really want to do.

Forget about the things you should do! Remember want versus should!

3. Timebound

If you don't have a specific deadline line, you can procrastinate until eternity! Give me a month and day.

4. Small steps lead to results

Create an action plan built on small, manageable and achievable steps. By creating small and realistic steps you are setting yourself up for success. 

If you want help in creating your SMART goal for 2013 feel free to email me. 



The Starting Line for 2013

We all have many excuses and reasons why we don't live the life we truly want.

Here's a short video that is a fabulous jump starter for 2013. 

The message: wherever you are in your life, that's where you start! No excuses people, you're at the starting line of 2013.