What clients have to say:

"You are providing women with a wonderful eye opening service. I like your style and your firm but understanding hand. "

Stephanie, Bootcamp participant

 "Just having the opportunity to have an open dialogue - with guidance and focus - with a great group of women is a rare treat."

Jennifer, Bootcamp participant

"Sophie is extremely good at what she does. Her coaching is invaluable and memorable. Throughout, she is a strong and helpful guide, patient and flexible, but firm in all the right ways, with a keen focus on helping her client discover, finetune and learn how to reach his or her own goals. 
In the end, Sophie leaves her client with lessons and practices he or she can repeatedly return to for structure and guidance going forward. 

I highly recommend Sophie and will continue to seek her out in the future."

Robbyn, Senior Television Executive


"First, I think you make a wonderful coach. You have a calm, professional demeanor that is comforting for us and helped open us up. I like that you shared your inspiring experiences but didn't keep going back to "you." Your emphasis on the tools and techniques we can use in our own lives was very empowering."

Heather, Author, Mother of Two and Bootcamp Participant


"Boy-oh-boy did I have a light bulb moment in my coaching session!  Sophie was able to help me identify two key areas of my life that are causing for me to be unbalanced and therefore less productive and happy.  After identifying the areas we developed my SMART goals which can be measured over time.  Thank you, Sophie!"

Mother of two, & Balance Life Bootcamp participant

"Sophie is an outstanding career coach who I urge you to hire. She brings to her practice her strong global management work experience, a keen knowledge of physiology and an understanding of the challenges that face the working mother. Her insightful, smart guidance helped me tremendously in outlining my career goals, handle individual work challenges as well as help me work towards a better work/life balance."

 EJ Boyce, Media Consultant, Mother of two


"Sophie is a well grounded life coach who helped me focus and prioritize. Sophie's gentleness and warmth create a safe environment thus enabling her clients to be 100% true to themselves. Thanks to her, I am now much more connected to myself and to what is most important to me. Our coaching engagement was very sucessful in that it helped me manage my time more efficiently on a day-to-day basis while keeping the big picture (my goals) at sight at all times. Thank You Sophie !"

Veronique Bressard, Advertising Executive